About Alliance Agri-Turf

We aim to provide more than just an exceptional product—we offer our clients knowledge-based solutions to help them profitably grow their business.

Our Company


Ontario’s crop protection partner

Alliance Agri-Turf Inc., is a crop input supplier of fertilizer, crop protection products, seed and services for the agriculture, turf, golf course and residential markets.

Headquartered in Bolton Ontario, Alliance has 6 locations across Central Ontario including 2 farm stores to service its diverse customer base.

Successful modern farming requires a strong, knowledgeable team. We pride ourselves on being able to work as a strong team, pulling from the operating, sales, accounting and management facets in order to provide superior customer service.  At the same time, we value holding strong customer-supplier relationships. We have set high standards and are able to deliver on our promises of product, knowledge and services.  Therefore, we have ensured  Alliance is a leading supplier within Ontario.

“Provide Knowledge based Solutions to help
you Profitably Grow your Business”

Our mission is to provide knowledge-based solutions to help you profitably grow your business. This
mission has always remained central to the Cardinal philosophy and continues to be the cornerstone of
our business as we move forward as Alliance Agri-Turf Inc..

We’re here to help

Contact us for any questions or concerns you have about our products, services, or our retail locations.

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      Symbol Month
      F January
      G February
      H March
      J April
      K May
      M June
      N July
      Q August
      U September
      V October
      X November
      Z December

      Example: C9Z (Corn Dec. 2019) or MW0F (Spring Wheat Jan. 2020)