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Organic Product List

Product Uses Weeds Controlled Size
Fiesta is a selective herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds in turf. The active ingredient in Fiesta is iron (present as Fe-HEDTA) 4.43% Dandelion, English daisy, false dandelion, white clover, black medic, bull thistle, Canada thistle, common chick-weed, creeping buttercup, slender speedwell, broad-leaved plantain, narrow-leaved plantain, dovefoot geranium. Available in 10L and 800L sizes.
Finalsan® Herbicidal Soap is a fast-acting weed, grass, algae, lichen, liverwort, and moss killer. All – Non Selective Available in 5L & 10L sizes.
MUNGERS HORTICULTURAL VINEGAR A post emergent, foliar active, vegetation management product that is non-selective to green foliage and non residual in soil. Rain fast in 1 hour. All – Non Selective Available in 2 x 10L or 200L drum.
Product Uses Coverage Size
9-0-0 CORN GLUTEN FOffers pre-emergent weed control by curtailing seed germination. Inhibition of dandelion and crabgrass. Do not use with a seeding program until seed has germinated and established. 10-12 lbs/1000 sq’– fertilizer
20-22 lbs/1000 sq’– weed suppression
1 bag covers 2500 sq’ as pre-emergent
weed control or 4500 sq’ as fertilizer.
25 kg bag
5-1-5 ALFALFA CRUMBS Alfalfa Lawn Food is a slow release high quality protein blend fertilizer. High in chlorophyll to encourage greener leaves. Safe for children & pets. 5-10 lbs/1000 sq’
1 bag covers 11,000 sq’
25 kg bag
24-1-9 ORGANIC W/UFLEXX & SCN A specialty blend of long lasting UFlexx with SCN and an organic base. Ideal for organic lawn care programs. 4 lbs/1000 sq’
1 bag covers 13,750 sq’
25 kg bag
Product Uses Insects Controlled or Suppressed Size
NEMASYS® G NEMATODES Nemasys® G contains live nematodes (Heterorhabditis bacteriophora) in their vigorously infective stage. These nematodes attack pest larvae by entering their natural body openings. Once inside, they release symbiotic bacteria that quickly kill the insect. Nemasys G is compatible with other biological control programs, as well as many other chemical control products. European Chafer
Japanese Beetle
Oriental Beetle
Trays (1 tray treats 500 sq m)

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