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Retail Product List

Magic Carpet Bagged Fertilizer

Homeowners will benefit with a greener, healthier lawn with Alliance Agri-Turf’s Magic Carpet Fertilizer. Manufactured in Bolton, Ontario, Magic Carpet 25-5-10 65% XCU is our most popular lawn fertilizer. Our Magic Carpet Fertilizer is for sale to Homeowners at all our locations except our Ivy Seed Processing Plant. Other blends are available for varying soil types, starter lawns and seasons.

Lawn & Garden

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional gardener. Our store offers an extensive selection of fertilizers, soils, mulch and more.
Our GRASS SEED is available in many different varieties and sizes including bulk. Whether it is all purpose, sun and shade or an over-seeding mixture come check out our retail locations in Bolton, Lindsay and Fenelon.
Alliance Agri-Turf carries a large selection of seeds for planting. We can order a specific variety of seed. Seed potatoes, onions, garlic and flowering bulbs arrive in early spring.

Product Bolton Fenelon Alliston Mt. Albert Lindsay
Grass Seed – Type & Size Vary by Location
Pasture & Forage Blends
Bagged Fertilizers
Soils, Mulch
Lime (Nutralime), Gypsum (Nutrasoft)
Seed Garlic, Flowering Bulbs
Vegetable & Flowering Seeds Packs & Bulk
Bulk Seed Potatoes & Onions
Push Spreaders & Hand/Backpack Sprayers


Alliance Agri-Turf has product for your pets, wild birds, deer, pigeons, rabbits, equiline and livestock. Available at your Bolton, Lindsay and Fenelon Locations.

Farm Supply

A vast range of farm supply and hardware for the backyard farmer to large operator. Poultry days are also available at our Fenelon and Lindsay locations.

Product Bolton Lindsay Fenelon
Gloves – Work, Garden, Safety
Respirator Masks & Cartridges, Disposable Coveralls
Bird Feeders & Accessories
Rodenticides & Fly Sprays
Pigeon Accessories
Feeders & Waterers
Egg Cartons
Heat Lamps & Bulbs
Poultry Grit and Oyster Shell
Bedding & Litter
Hydrated Lime
Animal Health Products
De-icers for Buckets, Ponds, Stock Tanks, Bird Baths
Water Softener Salt
Pool Salt
Ice Control Products
Ice Rink Plastic
Salt/Feed Storage Containers
Salt Blocks, Feed Grade Salts, Deer Licks
Brooms & Shaving Forks
Poly Tanks
Fencing, Gates, Insulators, Hardware
Maple Syrup Supplies

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