Turf and Landscape

We aim to provide more than just an exceptional product—we offer our clients knowledge-based solutions to help them profitably grow their business.

Turf & Landscape Products

Alliance Agri-Turf has been selling to the golf, landscape and sod industry for over 50 years. Committed to meeting the needs of the professional turf manager. The establishment and maintenance of turf grass begins with ability to rely on a knowledgeable company to recommend and supply all the seed, soil sampling, fertilizer inputs and turf protection products.

Magic Carpet Bagged Fertilizer

Having a fertilizer program is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn. Alliance Agri-Turf’s premium, Magic Carpet Brand granular fertilizer will provide the nutrients needed all season long. Manufactured in Bolton, Ontario, Magic Carpet 25-5-10 65% XCU is our most popular lawn fertilizer. It is an exceptional product with a slow release with a 6-8 week response time. It is also available with 1% iron. Other blends including an organic (24-1-9 Organic) are available for varying soil types, starter lawns and seasons. Magic Carpet Fertilizer can be purchased by the bag or in skid lots.

Grass Seed

Whether it’s over-seeding weak areas or establishing a new lawn from scratch, Alliance has the right seed mixes to do the job. Our blends have been especially selected for our region and will give your customers the healthy, environmentally friendly green space they desire.

Salt Products

We carry a full line of ice salt and ice melter products to help you with your snow removal services. Available by the bag or full skid lots. Check with us for our competitive pricing.

Lawn Care Protection Products

Fiesta, Finalsan, Mungers Horticultural Vinegar, Corn Gluten Crumbs

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      H March
      J April
      K May
      M June
      N July
      Q August
      U September
      V October
      X November
      Z December

      Example: C9Z (Corn Dec. 2019) or MW0F (Spring Wheat Jan. 2020)