Turf Seed

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Turf Seed (Bulk Grass Seed)

Whether it’s overseeding weak areas or establishing a new lawn from scratch, Alliance has the right seed mixes to do the job. Our blends have been especially selected for our region and will give your customers the healthy, environmentally friendly green space they desire. We work closely with the Speares Seed Company to develop the right mix for the market.

Seed Mix Uses Seeding Rate & Size
ALLIANCE STANDARD MIX Commonly used for seeding home lawns. 30% Kentucky Bluegrass, 40% Creeping Red Fescue, 30% Perennial Ryegrass. 5 lbs/1000 sq’
10 kg, 25 kg bags & bulk
SUN & SHADE MIX A professional quality turfgrass blend formulated for use in both sunny and shaded areas. A good choice for patching and overseeing existing lawns due to its fine texture, quick emergence and dark green colour. 30% Goalkeeper Perennial Ryegrass, 45% Intrigue Chewings Fescue, 25% Brook-lawn Kentucky Bluegrass. 5 lbs/1000 sq’
10 kg, 25 kg bags & bulk
OVERSEEDING MIX Overseeding Mixture has been specially formulated to thicken home lawns and other turf areas that are susceptible to wear due to heavy traffic. 50% Player Perennial Ryegrass, 25% Passport Perennial Ryegrass, 25% Goalkeeper Perennial Ryegrass. 5 lbs/1000 sq’
10 kg, 25 kg bags & bulk
9-1-1 TURF RESCUE BLEND A premium blend of fast germinating ryegrass coupled with bluegrass and red fescue for fast results. 30% Wind Dance 2 Perennial Ryegrass, 20% Panterra V Annual Ryegrass, 15% Self Repair Perennial Ryegrass, 15% Charismatic Perennial Ryegrass, 10% Blue Sapphire Kentucky Bluegrass, 10% Aberdeen Creeping Red Fescue. 5 lbs/1000 sq’
25 kg bags
WATER SAVER MIX This mixture is for all soil conditions, and works extremely well in dry, sandy, troubled soils. It has excellent drought tolerance and requires less watering than regular grass seed mixtures. Adapted to less fertile soil conditions. 60% Certified Tall Fescue, 20% Certified Chewings Fescue, 20% Certified Perennial Ryegrass. 8 lbs/1000 sq’
10 kg & 25 kg bags
SPORTS TURF MIX This mixture is a blend of wear tolerant bluegrass with a fast establishing ryegrass and drought tolerant fescues. Ideal for high traffic sports fields. 20% Jumpstart Kentucky Bluegrass, 60% Double Time Perennial ryegrass, 10% Columbra Chewings Fescue, 10% Aberdeen Creeping Red Fescue. 5 lbs/1000 sq’
25 kg bags

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