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Alliance Agri-Turf

We know that Alliance Agri-Turf Inc. has a very bright future, and we are looking
forward to the many years of service to come.

Our Mission

“ Is to provide knowledge-based solutions to help you profitably grow your business. This mission has always remained central to the Alliance Agri Turf philosophy and continues to be the cornerstone of our business as we move forward as Alliance Agri-Turf Inc.. ”

We pride ourselves on being able to work as a strong team, pulling from the operating, sales, accounting and management facets in order to provide superior customer service, at the same time holding strong customer-supplier relationships.

Our Knowledge

we offer our clients knowledge-based solutions to help them
profitably grow their business.


Alliance Agri-Turf Inc., is a crop input supplier of fertilizer, crop protection products, seed, GPS technology and agronomic advice servicing the agriculture, turf and residential markets.


We aim to provide the best agronomic recommendation’s for your farm. We carry premium fertilizer and crop protection products.


Alliance Agri-Turf Ivy is home to Alliance’s Seed Processing Division. This state-of-the-art facility functions as a full-service cleaning, treating and final packaging production facility

Precision Ag

A key component of managing your farms data is being able to view and interpret your yield data. At Alliance Agri-Turf we have the tools to help you utilize this data to make better management decisions on your farm.

Lawn & Landscape

Our Lawn and Landscape Team will provide you with the latest technology and expertise in the ever changing market. Whether it’s selecting the right fertility product.

Turf Fertilizer

For over 50 years, Alliance Agri-Turf has been serving the Ontario landscape market with innovative, cost effective solutions for all lawns and landscapes

Turf Seed

Whether it’s overseeding weak areas or establishing a new lawn from scratch, Alliance has the right seed mixes to do the job.

De-Icing Products

We carry a full line of de-icing products to help you with your snow removal services. Available by the bag or full skid lots.

Our Products

we offer our clients knowledge-based solutions to help them
profitably grow their business.

We’re here to help

Contact us for any questions or concerns you have about our products, services, or our retail locations.

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      H March
      J April
      K May
      M June
      N July
      Q August
      U September
      V October
      X November
      Z December

      Example: C9Z (Corn Dec. 2019) or MW0F (Spring Wheat Jan. 2020)